Interviews — 15 October 2013

What more can be said about one of the most remarkable artists of the last decades that hash´t been said yet?

There are a thousand interviews with the grand master of electric Guitar STEVE VAI, however how many of them have been held by a professional Musician, for whom Steve Vai has been an absolute source of inspiration?

Probably not as many.

If you have half an hour to spend, and you are indeed a VAI fan, this interview should´t go amiss.

Matias Kamelman (Kamelmat),professional musician and collaborator with Click and Rock and EMP Merch, holds a half an hour phone call interview where several topics around Steve´s various interesting approaches to Guitar, and life and universe are addressed.

We hope you enjoy it, actually if you enjoy half as much as Kamelmat did, you can consider yourself a very happy person.

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